Team Lead for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - U.S. Citizen Only

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


US$7,672.1-9,973.6k (annuellement)

Apr 14

This job is no longer accepting applications.

Purpose of the Contract:

USAID/Haiti is seeking the services of a USPSC to serve as HIV Team Lead in Port-auPrince, Haiti. (2)


The USAID Mission in Haiti has an annual operating budget of approximately $125 million and 168 staff. The Health Office represents about 60% of the budget with approximately $72 million in FY19 and FY20 with $3.2m for the COVID19 crisis response. Approximately $50 million of the health office budget is for programming under the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). PEPFAR is the United States governmental response for addressing the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and is helping save the lives of those suffering from the disease. A USPSC will be recruited to serve as the HIV Team Lead and manage USAID/Haiti’s response collaborating closely with interagency counterparts comprised of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State Department, and liaising with Government of Haiti Ministry of Health, other donors, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The HIV Team Lead will serve as a high-level HIV technical expert to USAID/Haiti’s Health Office and Mission leadership and represent USAID within the interagency and with external counterparts. The incumbent will be a part of the overall Health Office Management Team and be responsible for contributing to USAID’s PEPFAR results.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position

Provide technical direction, team management, and coordination and reporting in implementing USAID/Haiti PEPFAR-funded activities.

A. Technical Leadership:

  • Keep abreast of current and new HIV/AIDS issues, interpret technical HIV/AIDS guidance into actionable recommendations, and provide leadership in key programmatic areas across the PEPFAR portfolio.
  • Lead programming of HIV testing, treatment, and care services, as well as programming targeting to selected vulnerable groups and key populations such as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), people living with HIV/AIDS, adolescents’ girls and young women as well as technical assistance in supply chain management.
  • Develop and review USAID technical and financial inputs into the annual Country Operational Plan (COP) for USG Haiti PEPFAR with HIV team.
  • Provide high level technical leadership to staff members and implementing partners (IPs) to ensure all IPs are maximizing integrated approaches that are strategic and cost effective.
  • Lead refinement or reprogramming of COP technical approaches for scaling up USAID Haiti PEPFAR activities in targeted departments and districts.
  • Keep Program, Finance and Contracting Offices abreast of OGAC fast moving technical directives and approaches, including directives to quickly expand local partners.
  • Guide HIV team in modifying current programs and/or generating new designs which align with OGAC technical guidelines and program priorities to enhance effectiveness of HIV results.
  • Represent USAID during consultations with HIV Technical Working Groups with Ministry of Health Officials, Donors, and NGO/private sector counterparts.
  • Identify opportunities for working with new partners, including private sector entities to expand HIV activities and country ownership.
  • Generate/adapt technical tools and materials for evidence based, state-of-the-art models to scale up HIV programs and reach vulnerable groups.
  • Ensure staff inputs in the planning and execution of VIP visits to USAID HIV funded sites including preparing briefers, background materials and related documents.
  • Guide staff in generating and documenting program activities, e.g. factsheets, blogs, and social media posts highlighting USAID HIV lessons learned, achievements and results.
  • Advise senior management, Embassy and USAID/Washington on strategic decisions and technical approaches for expanding USAID PEPFAR funded activities in Haiti.
  • Identify promising, innovative and sustainable models to advance PEPFAR funded activities within the context of Haiti.

B. Team Management and Mentoring:

  • Mentor and supervise (6) HIV Team members in COP strategy development, project design, program implementation and evaluation.
  • Oversee management of all USAID/Haiti’s bilateral and field support HIV activities based on OGAC guidelines and best practices in achieving results.
  • Coach team in analysis and use of technical data for programmatic and strategic decision making for COP development and implementation.
  • Manage planning, allocation and expenditures of the annual HIV/AIDS team budget and ensure timely obligations for sound financial accounting of funds.
  • Lead staff through acquisition and assistance actions in collaboration with OAA, OFM and Program Offices as per Agency guidance.
  • Identify gaps in HIV team knowledge and opportunities for advancing empowerment and professional development.
  • Serve as AOR/COR of at least two HIV activities: BRIDGE $10m Cooperative Agreement; SPOTLIGHT $1.9m Cooperative Agreement.
  • Coach other AOR/CORs in managing awards, and monitoring and evaluating programs for results under the PEPFAR portfolio, including identifying problems and solutions.
  • Ensure staff mastery and certification in GLAAS as requesters, refine skills in tracking accruals, generating quarterly pipelines, and active participation in Quarterly Financial Reviews.
  • Provide detailed oversight of PEPFAR finances ensuring that funds are utilized according to USG policy/regulations, and that country programs are using resources effectively.
  • Support AORs/CORs preparations to plan and execute routine review meetings with interagency counterparts and IPs and undertake periodic portfolio reviews to assess program progress and finance financial performance.
  • Empower AORs/CORS to proactively manage projects and activities, identify problems and generate solutions.
  • Provide strategic guidance and recommendations to mission management to enhance professional development and empowerment of FSN staff.
  • Coach staff in working closely with the GOH and other key stakeholders including the Global Fund and other international agencies working on HIV in Haiti.
  • Improve staff skills in strengthening HIV/AIDS activities at the national and sub-national levels to ensure country ownership and technical capacity.
  • Reinforce staff’s role in contributing to team cohesion and accountability in advancing USAID’s HIV/AIDS priorities and aligning with GOH goals in its Journey to Self Reliance.
  • Serve as Acting Deputy Office Director, as needed.

C. Coordination and Reporting:

  • Coordinate with USG PEPFAR interagency team ensuring collaboration throughout the COP planning and implementation process.
  • Represent USAID/Haiti at high level HIV meetings with IPs, donors, government, USG Agencies and international and local counterparts.
  • Collaborate closely with the Global Fund on joint planning and implementation of the national HIV/AIDS program.
  • Lead Health Office inputs for preparation of key PEPFAR quarterly, bi-annually, and annual reporting.
  • Direct preparation, analysis and documentation for other reporting and periodic conference calls by USAID and the US Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) OGAC, as required.
  • In collaboration with the interagency, plan, coordinate and participate in PEPFAR meetings and conferences within the interagency for COP development, review, negotiation, and approval.
  • Provide inputs into interagency documents, cables or other materials as requested by the mission, Embassy USAID/Washington and OGAC on HIV/AIDS activities.


  • Education: Education: Master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, statistics, research and evaluation, international development or related field is required.
  • Prior Work Experience: A minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible professional experience in Public Health, Epidemiology, and/or related fields of health with at least five years of experience managing HIV/AIDS activities in developing countries. At least five years of experience managing teams with three years’ experience managing the technical implementation of HIV/AIDS projects in developing countries. Experience leading coordination within and outside USG, especially building relationships with partners in the public and private sectors, host country nationals, bilateral and multilateral donors and/or NGOs is required.
  • Knowledge: Professional knowledge of a broad range of public health, predominantly HIV/AIDS issues, program implementation and monitoring and knowledge of major health challenges in the region, preferably in Francophone cultural/work environments is required. In-depth technical knowledge of principles and practices of development in HIV/AIDS including services to vulnerable populations, OVC, testing, treatment and care and supply chain management; managing teams; and planning, designing, budgeting, and program implementation, monitoring and evaluation is required.
  • Language Proficiency: French Level III (French at a level B1/B2 (Intermediate and Upper intermediate French) or higher based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) rating system) and English Level IV required. French language proficiency will be tested. Given the nature of the position, effective written and oral communications are critical to perform successfully in this position. The candidate should have a demonstrated ability to produce professional quality analytical pieces and make oral presentations. The incumbent must be able to communicate effectively and persuasively with Mission employees; within the USG interagency and various Washington-based U.S. Government agencies; senior technical counterpart government officials; international and local organizations, including the private sector, donors, and other embassies.
  • Abilities & Skills: The applicant must possess strong leadership, management, and supervision skills with demonstrated commitment to coaching, mentoring, team building, and professional development. Candidate must have a proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision in managing HIV teams. Strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills are required to establish and maintain productive working relationships with staff and counterparts both inside and outside of USAID. The incumbent must also demonstrate strong technical, analytical, and quantitative skills in HIV/AIDS and program management. S/he must have the ability to serve in Acting Deputy Office Director capacity, as required. S/he must be able to work in a demanding, complex interagency and often high-stress environment to meet deadlines and ensure consensus in submitting quality work products to USG. Must be a self-starter with strong advocacy, diplomatic and leadership abilities.

CLOSING DATE/TIME: May 13, 2021 5:00 pm (Haiti/Local Time)


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The USAID Mission in Haiti has an annual operating budget of approximately $125 million and 168 staff. The Health Office represents about 60% of the b...