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Mar 5

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Lumos is an international children’s charity founded in 2005 by children’s author J.K. Rowling to end the harmful practice of institutionalisation of children. Lumos’ mission is to fight for every child’s right to a family by transforming care systems around the world. Our vision is for all children to grow up in safe and loving families.

Despite clear evidence of the harms of institutionalisation, an estimated 5.4 million children worldwide continue to live in institutions. Separated from their families and communities, these children are deprived of the love, attention and opportunities they need to thrive. We’ve made important progress in closing harmful institutions and reuniting children with their families. And where children are unable to live with their birth families, we promote alternative family-based care, such as kinship care and quality foster care. Thanks to our tireless efforts alongside many other champions of care reform, the harms of institutionalisation are now more widely understood. A global movement is underway and the UN, the EU and some large development agencies have joined individual countries in pledging to change how they care for vulnerable children. We are committed to ensuring that global policy commitments are translated into local action, leading to sustainable change for vulnerable children.

Over the past 15 years Lumos has worked directly in different countries around the world to demonstrate that it is possible to change systems of care and fulfil children’s rights. Building on our heritage and direct experience of systems reform, our new strategy focuses on sharing learning with others to reach more children and amplify the impacts of our work on children’s lives. Our new strategy has three priorities:

Building Global Expertise: We’ll use our knowledge and experience to support those responsible for reforming care systems in their own countries. This will include providing technical support, evidence and guidance to help design and run better care systems, as well as learning exchanges where they can share experiences and challenges.

Catalysing Change: we’ll use evidence to motivate and press governments to reform the way they care for children. This will involve leading targeted research and advocacy campaigns to identify and tackle the drivers of institutionalisation, promoting accountability by tracking and highlighting progress, and influencing international funding, programmes and policy.

Demonstrating & Innovating: Building on our heritage of successful programmes showing how care systems can be reformed, we’ll use what we’ve learnt in the past to support partners with their own reform efforts. Over the next two years, as we complete our current country demonstration work in Eastern Europe, we’ll identify programmes in new regions – building expertise and evidence of what good care reform looks like in new and challenging contexts, particularly for those children that typically get left behind.

Project BEST

Building Enduring Systems to End Trafficking (BEST) is a US$5.6M four-year project, implemented by LUMOS Foundation (Lumos) with USAID funds. The project aims to support the Haitian government and civil society in their efforts to deliver transformative progress to counter human trafficking, especially the trafficking of children. It also aims to support the Government of Haiti (GOH) to regain the role as a leading nation in tackling slavery and trafficking; to create an environment where trafficking is eradicated; and to support victims of trafficking and protect children at risk.

The project harnesses existing momentum, including the adoption of anti-trafficking legislation in 2014; the creation of the National Counter-Trafficking Committee (NCTC); and emerging political leadership on the issue. BEST will embed progress as institutional and societal change. Lumos’ aim is to increase the capacity of the Haitian government to coordinate a multi-agency response and to establish mechanisms for tackling trafficking, from prevention to response. The project will meet the needs of child victims of trafficking and protect those at risk through supporting the transformation of the care system in three demonstration regions.


Purpose of the position:

This is a new role leading on providing legal assistance services to victims of Trafficking in persons of an exciting new project on trafficking, funded by USAID.

Qualifications réquises

Candidate specifications:

Education and experience:

• Bachelor’s degree (Haiti licence) in Law; (Master level an asset);

• Member of a BAR in one of targeted jurisdictions of the BEST project;

• Experience in working on child protection and/or trafficking in persons;

• A minimum of 3 years of progressively responsible experience in legal assistance, and all aspects of victims judicial service work.

• Self-starter with strong initiative, excellent organisational skills and the ability to deliver high quality of legal and judicial assistance to survivors, on time.

• Excellent communication skills, with strong command of spoken and written French, creole and English.

• Ability in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to collaborate and with colleagues and stakeholders at all levels.

• Commitment to applying high standards in data protection and ethics.

• Proven ability to develop good content


• Able to represent Lumos credibly at the highest levels in relationships with external contacts, especially those representing overseas Government Ministries or other institutions.

• Good interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to work with a wide variety of contacts

• Highly organised, with an aptitude in planning effectively to meet deadlines, and an ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time

• Ability to work independently and on own initiative, and as part of a team working on a larger project

• Ability to be self-motivated, flexible and effective


• Knowledge or information about Human Rights, gender, VBG, child protection and trafficking in persons

• Sound ICT skills

• Relevant professional qualifications

Essential (Sample)

• Extensive experience in operational management both on a strategic and day-to-day level, in the field of legal and judicial services to victims.

• Experience of delivering complex long-term programs to high quality standards and within budget

• Relevant experience in a similar working environment


• Experience of conducting fieldwork in Haiti or similar setting.

• Knowledge or experience of international development, social work, child health, education, law or children’s rights

• Knowledge of orphanage trafficking

• Knowledge of children in service

• Experience of working with international NGOs.

• Experience of managing web-sites

Conditions de travail

Fundamental objectives of the tasks/functions of the position:

• Provide overall technical judicial support on conducting TIP cases for the implementation of project activities;

• Ensure judicial services and legal assistance to victims of trafficking in persons, including those of cross-border trafficking, trafficking through orphanages and child domestic trafficking;

• Determine the cases that will require a procedure to assist a victim of trafficking in persons;

• Assess the needs and safety of each CNLTP or IBESR-referred victim who needs judicial services;

• Work with CNLTP, IBESR and other stakeholder to draft all judicial documents needed to ensure judicial services and legal assistance for survivors of trafficking in persons, such as:

o preparation of a judicial file for each victim,

o preparation of a request to be addressed to the prosecution of the various target jurisdictions or other judicial authorities;

o filing and deposit of requests at prosecutor offices or other relevant judicial authorities;

o assisting victims in front of the courts at all stages of the procedure,

o requesting the services of other lawyers to assist victims, if necessary,

• Advocate within the Ministry of Justice's Affairs for obtaining supports and documents needed;

• Support the campaign around the dissemination of the 2014 law

• Assist the DCOP program in activities to review the legal framework relating to the protection of children such as the law on placement and replacement of children, the child protection code and the executive order of 1971 on House of child care;

• Work with task forces at the various jurisdictions to discuss the best way to prosecute traffickers;

• Document cases support the drafting of success stories in the context of legal actions supported by the BEST project

• support the initiatives of BEST partners aimed at providing legal assistance to beneficiaries.

• Work in collaboration with the police, the courts of peace, the prosecutor's office of the victim, the investigating cabinet to facilitate the prosecution of authors, co-authors and accomplices;

• Perform data entry related to judicial matters into the CNLTP and IBESR databases and maintain victim records and complete and accurate statistics for the M & E section of the project;

• Participate in LUMOS staff meetings, community meetings, National committee and subcommittee meetings and relevant training and seminars;

• Participate in the need assessments of victims and potential victims in collaboration with the social worker, the NGO implementation officers and the services victim’s manager;

• Various other tasks to be determined by the supervisor.


• Lumos has a dynamic approach to its work and flexibility will be required to take advantage of new opportunities and meet changing priorities

• This role will require periodic travel

Dossier de candidature doit avoir ...CV, Cover Letter, Copies of diplomas and certificates

Envoyer le dossier à

[email protected]

Autres remarques

Safeguarding statement (G1/G2/G3)

Lumos recognises that the rights of safety and security are aligned with its core mission of ending institutionalisation. Effective and robust safeguarding sit at the heart of our mission and values, and accordingly, Lumos is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults in all its work. We expect all staff, associates and volunteers to share this commitment. Lumos will carefully screen all applicants and any offers of employment are subject to appropriate employment and background checks, as well as suitable references from previous employers

Lumos is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of children and adults at risk in all of our work. All staff and associates must:

• Carry out all duties with an awareness and understanding of the Safeguarding requirements within the area of responsibility.

• Ensure work complies with all safeguarding policies and procedures that apply to the role.

• Ensure the that their behaviours and actions support the safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk as appropriate.

Safety and Security Statement

Lumos employees may be required to work or travel in high-risk countries or locations. The physical safety of our staff is a primary concern for Lumos and processes have been put in place to manage this risk. All staff must comply with relevant policies and procedures and attend compulsory security training as required.

EDI Statement

Lumos is wholly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and against all forms of discrimination.

We are committed to creating and sustaining a positive working environment that encourages, supports and gives a voice to all, so that we can best support the children we serve. We must ensure that all staff are equally valued, included, empowered and respected across the organisation and in everything we do.

Lumos is fundamentally built on diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural teams. This is something we cherish as a key strength and an integral part of our identity. Our organisation values and celebrates the diversity, culture and experience of each member of staff, provides equality of care and support to everyone.

We pledge to listen carefully, to educate ourselves continually, to promote open dialogue, and to seek out and deal with discrimination and prejudice wherever it occurs in Lumos.

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We work to end the harm of institutionalisation and help an est 5.4 million children worldwide regain a family life.