Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob is rebranded as Caribejob Haiti

To better match our brand vision to become the best job board in the Caribean, Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob decide to rebrand its portal to Caribejob Haiti. to keep it short, simple and to follow our brand's guidelines in other markets that we are operated on.

We are rebranded from Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob to simply Caribejob Haiti.

From today, our platform and account in Haiti will be Caribejob Haiti and we will no longer use the term "Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob". We change the name but we don't change our core value that's to connect business with talented job seekers in the Caribbean.

  1. Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob has now rebranded Caribejob Haiti and it's available on the following social media channel
  2. Twitter: @caribejobHT
  3. Facebook: Caribejob Haiti


Caribejob Haiti (formerly Emplois en Haiti Sur Caribejob) is a free career platform built and started in 2021 to connect employers with talented and qualified professionals in Haiti. The platform matches job seekers with organizations by optimizing career opportunities in one easy-to-search portal, the “Job Board,” and managing a curated network of Haitian professionals. It is also a destination for resources, insights into the HR industry. Caribejob Haiti is an affiliate of Caribe Technologies, Inc.


Caribe Technologies, Inc. is an HR Tech Startup based in Alabama. United-States specifically focused on the Caribbean, building products, and peer-to-peer solutions around human resources and corporate learning. Caribe Technologies, Inc. is the parent brand of Caribejob, Haiti’s leading career platform.